Different Kinds of Stators

A stator has 2 purposes: charge the battery and charge a source coil mounted on the generator stator to feed the CDI Box. Some stators don’t have the source coil. We call them “generator stators”

Generator Stator

A generator stator is not required for the vehicle to run. If you have a burned generator stator, your ride will continue to run until the battery is drained. These generator stators are solely used to charge the battery, which in turn powers the entire electrical system, including the ignition system. New vehicles are all equipped with generator stators, because they are more efficient and have a simpler design than the other stator type. This simpler design means that these generator stators break less and when they do, they are easier to diagnose since they have less components.


If your powersport vehicle is equipped with a stator, then it becomes a mandatory component. Like the generator stator, it is used to charge the battery, but the stator also has a source coil mounted on it that provides the needed current to feed the CDI box.

The source coil on the stator will send electricity to the CDI box to charge it. That electricity is then delivered to the spark plugs when the pick-up coil gives the signal. On a generator stator, the electricity used to fire the spark plugs comes from the battery, so you don’t need the source coil.

Stator & Components