OEM Stator vs Aftermarket Stator

When shopping for a stator, it is important to know the difference between an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) stator and an aftermarket stator.

OEM Stator

This is the part that was originally in your vehicle. They are tested parts and are usually very reliable. An OEM stator can only be as good as the electrical system is. A poorly designed vehicle’s electrical system will burn OEM stators as much as aftermarket stators. Of course, the way the OEM stator is used will always alter its reliability. Even the best possible stator running in the best possible electrical system will burn if you overload it with electrical accessories.

Aftermarket Stator

Aftermarket stators are not all the same. The material quality, the assembly quality, and the general performance of the stator vary a lot from one aftermarket manufacturer to the other. When looking to buy an aftermarket stator, always check for key signs showing the quality of the stator:

  • Return policy;
  • Warranty quality and length;
  • Materials used;
  • Company reviews;
  • Age of company;
  • How the stators are tested.

A good aftermarket stator, built by a good company, will be as good and reliable as an OEM one and even better. Some aftermarket manufacturers, like RMSTATOR, make stators that are better than the originals, like their Made in Canada stator line. A cheap stator will stay cheap no matter how careful you are with it.