Ignition Kit for Polaris ATV 400cc

Ignition Kit for Polaris ATV 400cc

This kit for Polaris fits 1994-2002 Polaris Big Boss, Sport, Sportsman, Xplorer, Xpress 400cc

This kit bypasses the AC powered ignition system that fails most of often saving you well over $700 in parts. It’s plug and play! The only modification to your machine is finding a switched 12 volt lead to power the new CDI. This kit is exclusive to de 400cc Polaris ATV engine.

RM40001 AC to DC Ignition Conversion Kit

  • 400L 1994
  • Big Boss 400L 1995-1997
  • Sport 400L 1995
  • Sportsman 400 1994-1996
  • Xplorer 400 1995-1996
  • Xplorer 400 1998


Only for the 400cc carbureted engine, one of the most popular engines from Polaris during those years. This kit while saving you hundreds of dollars in parts alone and even more if you should get it installed by a mechanic. But it’s so easy to do that it would be a shame to bring your machine to a dealer or repair shop. No special tools or in depth mechanical knowledge required.

Now, with all the money and time you saved, why not take your loved ones out for a nice dinner and a movie!